I think MS just put Sony in a hard spot with the $499 sx


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440° Pure Opinion: Hype is No Substitute for the PS5”s Missing Info.
chrish199014h ago Opinion piece62▼Info.
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Jason Frye: As I look at how the PS5 is being overly hyped without also providing basic information to support that hype, .

I think Sony is risking more than it realizes

Won’t you join me for a little armchair corporate marketing.
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– Comments (63) + Comments (63) TopNewestOldest Expand all Add crazyCoconuts21h ago From the article: “I think this information starvation is an effort to keep interest high, but it could blow up in the company’s face” We don”t have any idea why they”re holding back, but I doubt it”s to “keep interest high” as the author speculates.
It”s probably a more business oriented reason, like tactics or logistics around their presentation and the demos they might want to show.
Who knows.
We”ll survive a bit longer Agree 34Disagree 10 darthv7219h ago They will announce their price before the end of the month.
That much is certain.
What they are holding out for is finding ways to either lower the cost or sweeten the deal.
I”m leaning towards the sweetening the deal.
Like get the PS5 DE for $499 with 12mos of PS+/PSNow and the full PS5 system is $599 with 12mos PS+/PSNow or the base units are $399 & $499 respectfully.
Agree 4Disagree 26 crazyCoconuts19h ago Imo, if the base prices are $399 and $499, game over, they don”t need to fuss with incentives, they”ll win again.
Agree 20Disagree 19 rainslacker17h ago Why does everyone assume that Sony is withholding the price to be able to react to MS price.
These companies had their prices in mind months ago, if not years.
There would be room for adjustment, but the only reason at this point to withhold the price would be for marketing purposes.
We are at a point where distributors and retailers are going to be ordering stock, and the higher ups who do that procurement have probably known the price for a while now.
Agree 12Disagree 20 darthv7216h ago Rain, there are lots of things that are done as a reaction to something else.
What makes you think they weren”t waiting for a price from MS.
It”s well believed they did it this gen with the XBO and then were able to make a change or two to bring the PS4 in at $100 less.
Like i said, if they are looking for ways to sweeten the deal then they have a pretty good one right in their own wheelhouse.
Throw in a year (or two) of PSNow with PS+ at no extra cost and it would be a smart move.
Agree 4Disagree 10 rainslacker13h ago What I mean is that people seem to be assuming that Sony is going to set it”s price based on what MS was going to set theirs at.
That is a lot of presumption to make.
I can understand why they”d wait to deal with the messaging that may come if they were higher or lower, or to keep MS guessing.
But this idea that the companies are making these decisions based on what their competition may do to such a degree that they”d have a drastic change in price if things didn”t go the way they thought is really kind of dumb.
Agree 3Disagree 1 JackBNimble13h ago No way the base price will be $399 unless sony plans on taking a massive lose on the digital edition.
I think MS just put Sony in a hard spot with the $499 sx.
I have a hard time believing Sony can under cut MS on this unless they maybe do a $450 digital edition.
I guess we will find out soon enough.
Agree 2Disagree 5 Godmars29013h ago “Why does everyone assume that Sony is withholding the price to be able to react to MS price?” Rainslacker, people still complain about the PS3 being $600.
If the low end non disc PS5 is more than Series S, and it very likely will, we again will never hear the end of it.
Agree 2Disagree 3 Kakashi Hatake13h ago Lmao at people thinking Sony is going to repeat 600 us dollars.
You guys are good for a laugh, really.
Agree 2Disagree 4 Teflon0212h ago (Edited 12h ago) Sony has pretty much put the $600 price point out the door long time ago.
Ppl need to stop with that.
Same ones who probably believed Series X was really going to be 399 lmao Agree 1Disagree 3 derek11h ago Xbox superfans will continue to obsess about the PS5 and spread as much bs about it hoping that their panicked rhetoric will help Microsoft sell more of their lousy consoles.
After the ps5 price and launch lineup is announced they”ll be on to something else.
Agree 2Disagree 3 outsider162411h ago 499$ and 599$.
That”s quite a lot given during this time.
I hope it doesn”t cost that much.
I”m not sure but it could dent it”s sales.
399$ for the DE and 499$ with the optical drive is perfect tbh.
Disagree 1 morganfell4h ago @rain, Because some posters here believe billion dollar companies with years of planning and cost estimations, establishment of complex supply chains and manufacturing flip on a dime and act as they themselves would if they were in a bidding war over used cars.
Agree 2Disagree 2 yomfweeee1h ago Your bundles are barely even cheaper than retail price.
You can easily get Plus and Now for less than $100.
I think them even offering a $600 looks bad because of the price.
Rhythmattic1h ago Rain.
I noticed MS prices where followed by “ESP” E stands for Estimated yes.??.
if so, got to say, clever play by MS.

Whatever price point Sony announces

MS will go lower, and if higher, well MS will put it up.

Wonder If Sony will use this approach

Be interesting to watch.
+ Show (10) more repliesLast reply 1h ago generic-user-name13h ago Xbox reveals their price and date and all anyone can do is talk about Sony and the PS5.
I think they”re doing fine.
Agree 37Disagree 7 12h ago mark3214uk59m ago there prob holding out because there waiting on hardware price changes so they can give the consumer a better price, sony like to give the consumer the best price they can, even making a loss somtimes, all other romours like waiting for xbox to go first is nonsense Disagree 2 crazyCoconuts32m ago No they”re waiting because they”re trying to figure out whether to use flying X”s and O”s or squares and triangles on the cutscenes between game demos for their next presentation 😉 cornelis20h ago (Edited 20h ago) People just don”t get it, .

Sony”s plan is to let Microsoft talk then counter what they say

They just won the main battle in the war of attrition with Microsoft revealing it”s price before Sony who can now look at the competitions offerings and figure out where to price themselves.
And again it benefits them to have their information go last because peoples excitement shifts so fast, it”s not bad to have your message be the last one people hear.

Sony has overcome everything Microsoft has said so far by being patient

And at the end of the day the thing that Sony is going to sell it”s consoles on are games

Agree 44Disagree 23 GiveMEthatEGG20h ago Thats fanboy talk champ and its exactly what we don’t want.
Agree 19Disagree 57 cornelis20h ago Did you see how bad that halo demo looked.
That must be why you don”t care about games.
Agree 42Disagree 21 generic-user-name13h ago Looks like rational business talk.
Agree 13Disagree 5 thornh12h ago No, that”s the truth that an MS fanboy cannot accept.
Agree 16Disagree 8 DJStotty7h ago @Cornelis Here we are talking about Sony PS5, and you are obsessing over Halo.
So Halo even though it had a bad trailer is still being talked about, good to know.
Agree 2Disagree 5 + Show (1) more replyLast reply 7h ago darthv7220h ago Sony already sold me on the PS5 because its new hardware.
Same with the XSX/XSS.
I love new hardware generations.
As for the games, I like to spread them out with only exclusives on PS and multiplat and exclusives on XB.
As for the Halo demo.
had people not pointed out the imperfections in the brute face or the Bob Ross trees, the game looked really good in motion.
All the cool new effects and that smooth 60fps frame rate.
Agree 9Disagree 38 Teflon0212h ago We didn”t see the same demo LOL.
That pop in felt like PS360 open world days Agree 18Disagree 5 Kurt Russell9h ago Halo looked like it had some promise.
There were certainly aspects I thought could be a lot of fun, specifically open world co-op in that universe.
But there is no denying that it was a lot rougher around the edges than was to be expected at this stage.
Agree 3Disagree 1 DJStotty7h ago I like the unboxing part and setting it up, goosebumps and all Disagree 1 Edito2h ago Sorry dude can you link me to that demo because I have doubt that I saw the same demo as you.
+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2h ago crazyCoconuts20h ago I”ll fall out of my chair if Sony doesn”t have some kind of production in the works for the reveal, something to really close the deal.
Something better than a tweet following an infamously bad showing last month.
Perhaps I”m wrong and they”re in big trouble or something, but there”s no sign of that yet.
Agree 16Disagree 5 NeoGamer23213h ago Sony definitely has its marketing down to a science.
They have people rabbid for a product that people don”t even know the price of.
And for one first party exclusive that the developers liken to Uncharted Lost Legacy and they showed about 30 seconds of gameplay for.
I am not saying that their product is void of quality and it won”t be good.
We know it will.
PS5 looks to me to be a beast.
But, frankly, I find it difficult to buy either console right now, just by listing games that have published ship dates for this holiday.
Agree 1Disagree 15 crazyCoconuts12h ago @neo.

I actually think Sony isn”t that great marketing wise

but they”re far better with product vision, strategy, and execution.
They seem to really have their [email protected]@ together lately, and I feel they have more to show us before launch Agree 2Disagree 1 DJStotty7h ago Microsoft”s price can still change, that is why it is ERP + Show (1) more replyLast reply 2h ago RazzerRedux18h ago This again.
Every time MS announces something it is as if Sony has got to announce something in a matter of hours or some dude will write an article lamenting Sony”s marketing.
Rinse, repeat.
Agree 47Disagree 3 rainslacker13h ago (Edited 13h ago) I think people have forgotten how on point Sony”s marketing has been all generation.
That new marketing firm they hired before this gen started really did a fantastic job, and knew when and where to capitalize on chances that were presented.
They still have that same marketing firm, and chances are, they are making strategic announcements to keep hype high.
No amount of whining about how Sony is scared, .

Or even this idea that Sony somehow is required to react to MS is going to change that

It seems so far, every step of the way.

Sony has had a way to quell any marketing that MS has presented

and it all started with nothing more than a logo.
Sony will provide the information when it”s needed.
Our curiosity is high, and that is actually the biggest reason why this article is wrong in what it”s saying.
because it is that curiosity that is keeping hype high.
Agree 10Disagree 6 13h ago Muzikguy13h ago I know personally I was hoping to hear about the PS5 today.
I guess I”ll just give up and hoping for it and just see it when it comes.
Agree 1 Teflon0212h ago TGS is this month.
Probably all online but I”m sure the big reveal stuff will hit by then if not then.
Agree 1 rainslacker12h ago This whole year has been pretty pathetic in terms of gaming news.
I think a lot of it was due to covid, but I never expected so much of a drought for gaming news when two new consoles were releasing in the year.
Particularly not a couple months before release.
News has been extremely dry this year, with spurts of excitement that may keep things lively for a couple days, then everything goes back to boring.
I”d be really interested in website metrics to see how much traffic they”re getting compared to last gen lead up.
I know a lot of people were staying at home, but it just seems that outside these spurts of excitement, the gaming forums are pretty much on the level of any other slow time of years past.
Agree 2Disagree 2 Moe-Gunz13h ago Really.
Smh Agree 3Disagree 1 Silly gameAr13h ago They didn”t have a knee jerk reaction to MS and it”s Series S.
They might have their own plan that they”ll show in their own time.
How dare they.
Agree 9Disagree 1 itsmebryan12h ago That was a very insightful article.
He makes a lot of good points.
Disagree 7 ApocalypseShadow12h ago (Edited 12h ago) Pure bullshit.
From a trash website claiming to be PlayStation.
It”s not Sony that”s over hyping.
It”s the nonsense articles and junk journalism.

Sony isn”t on Microsoft”s clock

It the entitled gamer clock.
They are on theirs.
We have no idea what Sony”s strategy is until they want to announce it.
Did Sony announce anything about Horizon Zero Dawn until they were ready.
Did they announce anything about Spider-Man until they were ready.
God of War.
Ghost of Tsushima.
Any game we didn”t know about.
Did they say anything about purchasing Insomniac until they were ready.
Did They say anything about the DS4 light bar that gamers complained about wanting to turn off or dim.
Did they say anything at all for 3 years until they were ready to announce PSVR in 2016.
Imagine everyone”s surprise that Sony had a headset for console gamers while PC gamers were celebrating about the Rift and Vive.
To this day, it”s the only complete, console VR that”s out there that continues to get games.
Does Sony keep its base informed about sales until they are ready to announce it.
PS Plus member numbers.
Not until they are ready to do so.

Sony puts out a GDC video that explained BC to everyone

The ones that couldn”t comprehend what Cerny said in the simplest way, pulled up nonsense articles and videos about 100 games only.
Clearly not using their brains.
We got knuckleheads worrying about what”s on the back of the console.
When Sony is ready, they will show us just like they showed us the controller from every angle.
Maybe They didn”t want Microsoft to copy like they did the share button.
You think.
Sony named the console.
Showed the console in both forms, the controller, the headset, the camera AND showed games running on the system unlike their competitor.
As for the price, people should have been saving up all year.
Acting like you have to prepare.
Do parents prepare for babies in the last month.
No not the smart ones.
They started preparing the day they knew a child was coming.
When Sony announces price and preorders, you should already be ready when everyone knew a year in advance that it was coming.
Such ridiculous nonsense that has to be stamped out like all the bullshit rumors about overheating, or games not reaching a certain resolution or not having enough consoles ready or Miles Morales nonsense, etc.
I so much wonder about the gaming community sometimes.
There should be a level of common sense.
And blogging and journalism trash that”s bottom of the barrel needs to stop being pushed to the top.
Agree 13Disagree 4 SamPaoDamn so much truth its blinding me man Disagree 1 thornh12h ago Sony has shown much, much more than MS.
That”s why there is hype.
Just need a price and a release date.
I”m sure within the next ten days you”ll have it.
Agree 8Disagree 2 ApocalypseShadow11h ago (Edited 11h ago) Agreed.
You know what”s funny.
The ridiculous idea of needing to know what”s on the back of the console like their lives depended on it.
Maybe I shouldn”t be surprised from a generation that needs to know everything about a game before they buy it which kills some of the mystery.
They sit for hours watching someone else play a game instead of playing the game themselves.
They need unboxing videos to see everything in the box like bubble wrap like they don”t already know.
Check this out.
Let”s help these people.
The box is going to contain the system, a controller, a video cord and a power cord, instructions, a warranty paper and possibly a flyer about Plus and other future games.
Let”s help these people with the back of the console.
Because clearly they need help after 25 to 40 years of gaming.
A power cable port A video port which is most likely HDMI At least 2 USB ports on back or front And, a camera port for the new one and for the adapter needed to run the old camera Anything else is just gravy.
But we get videos like this one asking about, “We need to know what”s on the back.” Ugh.
Such lame articles and journalism/blogging.
Agree 10Disagree 2 derek11h ago (Edited 11h ago) The author should speak for himself.
Some of us don”t worry about these things, they told us its coming out in the fall and they”ll let us know when we can pre-order.
The author is essentially arguing that Sony should have told us everything months ago and because they haven”t they open themselves up to backlash etc.
Truth is no matter what Sony says and when they say it, there was always going to be a campaign of fud and misinformation by xbox fanatics and childlike journalists like Tom Warren to try and damage it.
Agree 8 Seraphim9h ago I need no info.
I”m in for the long run and know Playstation will bring the games over the course of a generation.
That is the driving factor as to why I support Playstation.
Price, don”t care, date, don”t care.
Lackluster launch window.
Sucks but again, don”t care as that”s been life since as far back as I can remember.
For the record that would date back to the Saturn & PS launches which weren”t terrible but typical of a launch lineup; imho.
I caught the tail end of the Atari and certainly don”t recall NES and SNES launches.
Info is irrelevant.
They”ve revealed the specs, showed us the new controller, etc.
Now it”s time to deliver and yes, announce the price.
Agree 1 9h ago RaiderNation8h ago (Edited 8h ago) The author wants to act like we DIDNT get a PS5 event in June that showed us the console, plus showcased a ton of games running on PS5 and we DIDN”T get a deeper look at Ratchet and Clank a couple of weeks ago.
Or we didn”t get info that Spiderman MM and Ratchet will have 60fps modes or Call of Duty will run at 4K/120fps with ray tracing.
Or we didnt get new screenshots of Demons Souls that look incredible.
Price and release date don”t generate hype.
Games do.
We have plenty of PS5 info to support the hype.
To act like the hype is baseless just because we are still waiting on price and release date is just stupid.
Agree 2 Profchaos8h ago That”s one opinion but the mystery is very intriguing to me possibly more exciting then the actual release like a good rockstar game no one seems to know much of anything and it”s got me more excited than being spoiled for information pitythefool8h ago They were locked in a stand off and MS blinked first, again.

Agree 1 Bathyj8h ago (Edited 8h ago) Sony”s showed games you fool

And that”s all that really matters.
They”ve waited because they can.
The World is hanging on their every word.
Now that Microsoft has blinked the Gen is theirs for the taking.
Personally I think PS5 at 499 and 399 is going to be unbeatable but if they somehow come in at 449 and 349 then this Gen is over before it starts.
It”s not impossible but I doubt it.
But still, it”s not impossible.
Agree 2Disagree 1 C-H-E-F5h ago If Sony launches their consoles at 349/399 or 449/499, they have an edge because the xbox series s is only a 1440p console both of the PS5 consoles are identical 4k monsters.
The value there is immense.
I find it interesting that both the PS5 an AMD has waited and allowed the competition to show their hand first.
I”m looking forward to BOTH AMD Big Navi and the PS5.
I really hope AMD delivers.
either way its a win for gamers.a darkWingsoulDidn”t take long at all for an article like this to hit after MS announced price, lol.
Pure clickbait, I give it 7 out of 3 poopoo doopoo points.
Flewid638(Edited 3h ago) “without also providing basic information to support that hype” Astro’s Playroom Demon’s Souls Destruction AllStars Goodbye Volcano High Gran Turismo 7 Horizon Forbidden West Project Athia Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Returnal Sackboy: A Big Adventure Spider-Man: Miles Morales Stray.
Every other IP that they”ve owned for the last 25 years.
But ok.
Agree 1Disagree 1 sampsonon2h ago (Edited 2h ago) As a ps gamer that never owned an xbox, yes i borrowed and played at friends, i have to say MS is getting my attention with that $299 S.
I am on a budget for the next couple yrs and that price point is great.
If the ps5 DE is anything higher than $399 i will buy the S and wait a few yrs to pick up the PS5.
People say i should save anyway even if know the price or not, blah blah blah, but it matters to me.
Wish Sony was more forward about what it is they are doing.
And i know it doesn”t matter if they announce the price of the ps5”s.
But MS is doing pre orders for the Series x and s on the 22nd.
Sony needs to be smart and not rest on their past success.
Signed PS GAMER.
Disagree 1 waverider2h ago Not really there no hype on the other camp.
Just here the reveal got average number of comments.
The lack of hype is a reality.
Microsoft better do something or show something that hype gamers beside playing old games.
Gamers already now what they will get with sony.
high quality games, next gen console and a next gen gamepad.
Day one.
The price move from Microsoft i didnt understand.
There no pressure.
One is pointless and 499.
Only if the ps5 is 599 will be good.
Otherwise they are dead on the water.
Father__Merrin1h ago (Edited 1h ago) There”s no actual full console reveal yet which is worrisome Disagree 1 Mithan1h ago The only people clamoring for information are websites who need it for clicks, and some over zealous fanboys with no lives who have nothing better to do.
Who cares.
Is the information going to change your life.
If you are still unsure about buying a PS5, then you don”t matter and this isn”t going to make a difference to you anyways.
ZeroBlue211m ago Agreed, but at the same time, we can pretty much rest assured that the hype is appropriate, based on their track record.
BenRC010m ago idiot.
Some time I the next 10 days n4g will be going insane with all the ps5 details.
Let the xbox hype die off and BANG.
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