Last version: Download APK Oraiah is a medieval strategy game and the debut title of indie developer Pageboy.
In it, players will have to build a huge medieval empire and bring peace to the continent.
As we know from history, peace can only be brought with the help of a sure sword and shield, so enemy states should think several times before abandoning your conditions.
Depending on your type of game, you will need to extract resources and build an army.
But this does not mean that you can only win by military means: you can always turn to diplomacy.

Developer Pageboy points out that Oraiah’s decisions play an important role

You take part in the smallest events, and the approach to them can be different.
You can, for example, establish laws and choose between diplomacy and war.
You also need to remember about the existing territories and the inhabitants who are there: if you do not supply them with a sufficient amount of provisions, they will rebel and it will be more difficult to conquer new territories.
To defend against enemy attacks, the tower defense element comes.
Category Strategy Latest Version Publish Date 10.09.2020 Get it on v0.9.7.0 – Full version Download Oraiah APK 73 Mb Conflict Of Nations: WW3 Wild West Heroes Final Order: New Horizon Monsters War: Epic TD Strategy Package Inc.
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