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03 ways to run WP-CRON manually.

Published 28th Jun 2020 by filed under Web Technologies

Last updated 1 Jul, 2020.
I’ve recently been look­ing at how best to run wp-cron manu­ally from the sys­tem to avoid a per­form­an ce hit when a vis­it­or loads the site.
I’ve so far found 3 dif­fer­ent wa ys to run this.

There may be oth­ers.… Read Full Art­icle php

wordpress, wp-cli, wp-cron 0Use encrypted SNI in firefox and sync the setting.

Posted 26th Feb 2020 by filed under Web Technologies

I’m always look­ing to keep my inter­net acces s as secure as pos­sible.
One thing that recent came to light is encryp­ted SNI.
If you don’t know what this is google is your friend.
If you want to make use of it in fire­fox you have to turn it on as it is off by default… Read Full Art­icle about:config, esni, firefox, sni 0Responsive background images for websites.

Posted 21st Dec 2019 by filed under Web Technologies

I’ve recently been updat­ing my web­sites and web serv­er and adding a new site ( ).
I wanted to have a back­ground image on LoveCrete and real­ised that of course 1 size does­n’t fit all screens.
Here is a sum­mary of what my think­ing was and what I did to cater for the numer­ous screen sizes and ori­ent­a­tions.… Read Full Art­icle background, css, resolution, responsive, wallpaper 0Testing new image compression tools.

Posted 18th Dec 2019 by filed under Web Technologies

I’ve been using EWWW image optim­iser to com­press all of my JPEG and PNG images on this site for sev­er­al years.
EWWW makes use of OptiPng and PngOut and whilst these are power­ful tools there are altern­at­iv es out there now that I wanted to test and com­pare.… Read Full Art­icle compression, jpeg, optipng, pingo, png, pngout 0PHP sendmail failing dmarc.

Posted 9th Dec 2019 by filed under Web Technologies

I run a VPS which hosts sev­er­al domains.
Send­ing mail from these domains has always been tricky.
I’ve long used WP SMTP Mail plu­gin for word­press to work around this, but I wanted to get a prop­er fix.

After much read­ing I found a prop­er solu­tion… Read Full Art­icle dkim

dmarc, sendmail.from, spf, wordpress 0nginx curves error SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list.

Posted 5th Nov 2019 by filed under Web Technologies

I recently ran into an error with a new nginx con­fig that I could­n’t find any­where on google.
Turns out that was because I was read­ing the font wrongly and sub­stitued a lower case L for a num­ber 1.
So if you ended up on this psage because you searched for SSL_CTX_setl_curves_list then try search­ing again, for SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list.… Read Full Art­icle nginx, SSL_CTX_set1_curves_list, SSL_CTX_setl_curves_list 0Centos 8.

Published 28th Sep 2019 by filed under Web Technologies

Last updated 23 Nov, 2019.
Cen­tos 8 has finally been released and will even­tu­ally provide the base for a new host­ing plat­form for us.
How­ever it isn’t quite ready as there are a few pack­ages not yet avail­able.… Read Full Art­icle centos, nginx 5BT sport does work on Windows 7.

Posted 9th Oct 2018 by filed under Web Technologies

If you have BT sport and try to view it on a Win­dows 7 PC you will find sev­er­al warn­ings and the con­tent may even not play.
This is done entirely delib­er­ately by BT (at Microsoft’s behest?) for no tech­nic­al reas­ons what-so-ever.
You can eas­ily get it work­ing again… Read Full Art­icle bt sport, chrome, 0Optimising WAN MTU for BT Infinity.

Posted 17th Dec 2017 by filed under Web Technologies

Since switch­ing from my BT SmartHub to a pfsense router I’ve had a few minor teeth­ing prob­lems.
One of which has been the squid proxy ser­vice caus­ing a prob­lem where I can­’t access the BBC web­site with an error.
Whilst I did even­tu­ally fix this through a slightly strange meth­od, I encountered a pos­sible source of the prob­lem which was worth fix­ing on it’s own… Read Full Art­icle bt, infinity, mtu, pfsense 0BT Mesh WiFi.

Posted 30th Nov 2017 by filed under Web Technologies

After repla­cing my BT SmartHub with a pfsense router, I’ve been look­ing to upgrade the house WiFi as well.
Most devices are wired as most rooms have wired con­nec­tions I fit­ted for my par­ents years ago when wire­less was barely a real­ity.
How­ever phones, tab­lets, e‑readers, and laptops really do work best with wire­less (or only with wire­less in some cases), and to work well need a wire­less sys­tem that enables mobil­ity.… Read Full Art­icle ac, bt, DD-WRT, ethernet, mesh, OpenWRT, wireless 1.

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